Running an in-house Human Resources department can be costly and labour intensive, and without effective HR practices, organisations can quickly find themselves hampered by people issues, outdated processes and non-compliant policies. When you outsource your HR and payroll to our highly-skilled team, you have complete peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of efficiently, professionally and in line with legislation. Plus, our HR outsourcing services can cost considerably less than employing your own staff.

Why Outsource HR?

HR outsourcing helps businesses reduce costs, minimize risk and alleviate HR administrative burdens.

HR outsourcing

Hiring competent personnel for an organization is a difficult job. For this recruiters need specialization and skills. Our aim is to serve recruitment process outsourcing services in a cost-effective and swift manner.

Outsourced Recruitment Program

BVCORP HR Solutions provides innovative and scalable staffing solutions to companies of any size. We provide our clients with an alternative to standard contingency and retained agency fees by utilizing one or more of our recruiters on an hourly basis. We offer the flexibility of either long or short-term assignments.

Outsourced Recruitment Services and Programs - Guarantees Expertise

BVCORP HR Solutions becomes an integral part of your organization, working with you and your staff to understand requirements and help you build a winning team. We develop recruitment strategies for your position openings based upon a clear understanding of your needs and the candidate "success factors" necessary to ensure identification of qualified candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Benefits of our HR Service

  • Continuous improvement of frame work, human resource management with innovative and scientific ideas.
  • Implementation of cutting edge technology to produce desire results, as well as overall technical awareness increase amongst the employees.
  • Change Management Approach in a well-established manner.
  • Risk management and control, along with robust governance.