Biography of the CEO

A MBA (HR), Company Secretary. These are professions at the top of the list for starry-eyed kids when people ask them what they want to be when grown up. So when Ms. Anuradha Gupta started the "Office" of HR Solution in her bucket of business as"Buenaventura Consulting Private Limited" She was in core corporate solutions, it was literally a big risk to diversity by adding human resource to list.

At BVCORP HR Solutions, we ask: How may we lighten your workload? And instantly, people feel lighter ,"commented Ms. Anuradha Gupta, who founded BVCORP HR Solutions in 2009.


My goal with BVCORP HR Solution is to help managers and employee engage more effectively-whether in setting goals, improving performance, enabling innovation, giving feedback, or setting up system and plolicies to reduce liability. Ms. Anuradha Gupta has grown BVCORP HR Solutions since its inception to be full-service, premium provider of high-touch human resource management solutions.


Our goal is to ensure the continued effectiveness and motivation of your employees-a loyalty that is nurttured each day through HR practices that support shared goals, a mutual commitment to growth, and professionals and personal development." For all these accomplishments, Ms. Anuradha Gupta and her team have received the honoured as BUSINESS EXELLENCE IN CORPORATE CONSULTING.

I continue to believe that what sets us apart is the fact that we understand that the executives and HR managers we work with are overextended, over-scheduled, and have so many tasks and duties that are competing for top priority. We help by lightening their workload. We address those competing priorities by offering creative, flexible, full-service HR strategy and implementation that is scalable based on our individual client's needs. Whether it's a short or long-term project, an interim replacement for regular HR staff, supplemental support, or strategic HR advisors, we give 100% for our clients.

For all these accomplishments, Ms. Anuradha Gupta and her team have received the honoured as "BUSINESS EXELLENCE IN CORPORATE CONSULTING" a premium award by media company, presented by, TOURISM MINISTER, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, being selected as one of fastest growing company in service sector in the region's and Ms. Anuradha Gupta was the recipient of the award. A proponent of fast-growth strategies for her clients and her own company alike, BVCORP HR Solutions was recognizedISO CERTIFIED COMPANY AND AWARDED A CERTICATION (ISO CERTIFIED 9001:2008) by UK based certification agency in 2013.

Ms. Anuradha Gupta

Chief Executive Officer (HR & Payroll)